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Around the globe, wildlife populations are suffering. Habitat loss, disease, illegal trade, and environmental changes have raised the threat of extinction for at least 27,000 species worldwide. Despite the immense need, funding for the protection and conservation of vulnerable species has been slashed in recent years.

But there’s hope: two critical bills have recently been reintroduced to Congress. The Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act (CEACA) and the Global Amphibian Protection Act (GAPA), both with strong bipartisan support, will fund sorely needed projects aimed at the world’s most vulnerable species. Vulnerable wildlife including leopards, Andean cats, African penguins, and white-backed vultures, not to mention the world’s 8,000 amphibian species, will all benefit from this vital funding. It’s time to stop the extinction crisis in its tracks.

Please tell your Members of Congress today: Support CEACA and GAPA to give vulnerable species a fighting chance. Fill out your information below and we’ll send the following message to your representatives.

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