Tell Congress to take action to help prevent future pandemics today - Co-sponsor the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act.

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We know that COVID-19 most likely has its origins in the “spillover” of a zoonotic pathogen (a virus) from wildlife to people. The commercial trade of live wildlife for human consumption, deforestation and agricultural intensification create conditions that make such a spillover and spread of disease possible.

That's why it's essential that we call on Congress to cosponsor and enact the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act which will counter the causes of spillover of pathogens (such as viruses) and build the capacity of One Health institutions (on wildlife conservation and health, veterinary health and public health) to serve as early warning systems for public health preparedness. Tell our government leaders today to spearhead a global effort to end the commercial wildlife trade for food and close live wildlife markets—while also promoting disease surveillance and international, cooperative research into zoonotic disease and spillover events. It's within our collective power to prevent the next pandemic before it starts.

Please tell Congress: Enact the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act. End the commercial wildlife trade for human consumption and close the associated live wildlife markets today to stop the next pandemic in its tracks. Fill out your information below and we'll send the letter to Congress on your behalf.

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