Snow leopards, African penguins, and other endangered species need you!

Western-Lowland-GorillaJulie Larsen Maher ©WCS

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The Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act would reestablish a program that provided funding for projects designed to conserve animals that are threatened or endangered in the wild. This would be a much-needed win for snow leopards, Andean cats, African penguins, the white-backed vulture, and countless others.

Right now, more than 27,000 species are threatened with extinction, about 25 percent of all species that have been assessed to date. These irreplaceable animals need all the help they can get, and the Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act would be a lifeline for them.

This act would benefit critically endangered species on many fronts: fighting the illegal wildlife trade, improving wildlife health, adapting to climate change, preventing conflict between humans and wildlife, and much more.

Please use the message below to ask your representative to co-sponsor the Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act.

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