Help Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums Survive - and Help Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts

Brown BearJulie Larsen Maher ©WCS

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Our nation's zoos, aquariums, and museums are losing more than $33 million per day due to COVID-19-related closures. We count on these nonprofit organizations as trusted sources of information, innovative education and engagement, and science and learning to help fight threats such as the current pandemic.

As we call for our leaders in government to throw a lifeline to the organizations we love and rely on, WCS is also working to prevent future pandemics. We're asking Congress to secure a safer future for humans and wildlife alike by ending the commercial wildlife trade for human consumption, especially in birds and mammals, while ensuring consideration of the needs and rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities that are dependent on wildlife for their food security or cultural expression.

Please join us in urging Congress to support these vital community cultural organizations in the face of the current pandemic and to take steps to prevent the next pandemic by ending the commercial wildlife trade for human consumption.

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