URGENT: Tell Congress to restore vital funding for international conservation.

URGENT: Tell Congress to restore vital funding for international conservation.

The U.S. has the opportunity to be a global leader in conservation—if Congress doesn’t cut much-needed funds in international programs that address the climate crisis.

That’s why it’s essential that you reach out to your members of Congress right away to urge them to restore funding for international conservation programs in the coming year. Every dollar we invest in creating a more resilient future for our planet matters.

Contact Congress today. There’s no time to lose.

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Tell Congress: Restore vital funding for international conservation.
Dear Member of Congress/Senator,

As your constituent and a supporter of the Wildlife Conservation Society, I am writing to urge you to restore funding to international conservation programs that are targeted for cuts in the FY23 President’s Budget Request. Alarmingly, the Congressional Budget Justification tables recently released include a 55% cut to the USAID Biodiversity Program, at least a 33% cut to the combating wildlife trafficking accounts, and a proposed reduction to the Multinational Species Conservation Fund. As the House and Senate work to finalize funding FY23 SFOPs, Interior and CJS Appropriations bills, please continue to urge them to restore and grow international conservation funding programs managed by the U.S. State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Green Climate Fund (the Fund), the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and federal programs to meet the U.S. pledge of $1 billion annually to halt deforestation globally.

The nature loss and climate crises are becoming more dire every day. Deforestation and forest degradation, species extinctions, intense storms, frequent forest fires, and water scarcity pose a growing threat to U.S. national security as destabilizing forces wreak havoc on the most vulnerable communities and wildlife globally. The growing wildlife poaching and trafficking between Latin America and Asia is fueling corruption and destabilizing governance. Contributing to this crisis is the destruction of ecosystems that keep climate change in check. Deforestation, land conversion, and pollution are devastating natural environments from the Congo Basin, to the Amazon and the Southeast Asia forest complex. Nature’s ability to keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, filter water, promote arable lands, and provide habitats for wildlife is diminishing.

The U.S. government has a number of programs that are crucial to addressing these crises, and it is imperative that we step up our efforts before it is too late. I urge you to restore and protect crucial funding in the final FY23 Appropriations package to address the climate crisis and the staggering loss of biodiversity around the world. Thank you for standing up for wildlife and wild places.


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Wildlife Crime

Poaching, trafficking, and illegal trade endanger hundreds of vulnerable species.

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Changes in climate jeopardize biodiversity and the health of entire ecosystems.

Habitat Destruction

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