Tell Congress: Cosponsor HR3424/S1737, the Global Pandemic Prevention & Biosecurity Act

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We know that a key moment in the life of any zoonotic disease is the moment of spillover from wildlife to people. That’s why prevention and surveillance of spillover events is key to stopping another pandemic like COVID in its tracks.

Yet despite the importance of addressing pandemics’ root causes, current global health security legislation pending in the Senate makes only minimal mention of pre-spillover prevention. The Global Pandemic Prevention & Biosecurity Act ensures that government agencies will work together to monitor pre-spillover activities in the developing world. Such oversight is critical to global health preparedness.

Please tell your members of Congress today: Cosponsor HR3424/S1737, the Global Pandemic Prevention & Biosecurity Act and support provisions in global health security bills that invest in programs working on preventive strategies, in order to halt the rise of the next pandemic. Act now.

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