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A devastating bill known as the SECURE American Energy Act may soon reach the floor of the U.S. House, which looks to expand offshore and onshore energy development across the United States. If passed into law, this bill would eliminate tools for protecting sensitive marine areas and undermine the Marine Mammal Protection Act, a law vital to protecting wildlife like the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale from the effects of industrial activity. The weakening of standards caused by this bill will likely result in increased harassment that can lead to a range of consequences impacting whales and other marine mammals. It would also threaten the management plan for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A), a dangerous step towards toppling the balanced approach reached four years ago to allow for development while still protecting key nesting habitats and calving grounds for populations of caribou, migratory birds and other iconic wildlife such as wolverines.

Your help is needed now to protect our wildlife and wild places in a moment of crisis. Together, we must oppose this effort to weaken our environmental safeguards and remove protections for wildlife in order to expedite a push for oil and gas exploitation. Tell your legislators today: Vote ‘”NO” on the SECURE American Energy Act.

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