Tell Congress: Support the Preventing Future Pandemics Act

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The capture of animals from the wild and the commercial sale and transport of live wildlife along the trade chain, including in markets, create conditions that can lead to pandemics such as the COVID-19 crisis that is currently devastating communities across the globe.

The Preventing Future Pandemics Act would take the critical step of prohibiting the import into, export from, or sale within the United States of live wildlife for human consumption, as well as directing the U.S. to work internationally to secure similar wildlife trade and associated market closures by other countries, while ensuring consideration of the needs and rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities that are dependent on wildlife consumption for their food security or cultural expression. It’s within our collective power to make the future safer both for humanity and for animals.

Tell Congress: Support the Preventing Future Pandemics Act. Shut down the commercial trade in live wildlife for human consumption and help prevent future pandemics.

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