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Elephants.Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

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Right now, wildlife is facing an acute crisis. Some of our most iconic species—including elephants, tigers, and gorillas—are closer than they’ve ever been to disappearing forever.

That’s why it’s essential that Congress stand strong for global conservation, extending and strengthening the bipartisan policies that have supported the conservation of wildlife and wild places. Unlike many issues affecting our world today, conservation has long been an arena where both parties agree. Recent years have seen bipartisan support for protecting endangered species, ending wildlife trafficking, curtailing the commercial wildlife trade for human consumption, funding research into zoonotic diseases to prevent future pandemics, and utilizing nature based solutions to climate change. These strong conservation policies also promote economic development and global security.

Please tell Congress: Continue your commitment to policies that steward and protect wildlife and wild places. Provide your information below and we’ll send the following message to your representative.

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