Tell Congress: Support language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to prevent future pandemics

PumaPaul Hilton ©WCS

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Congress is in the process of determining U.S. national security priorities for the coming year. No issue is more important to the safety and security of Americans—and the U.S. military—than preventing future pandemics, including those of zoonotic origin.

The House has passed critical legislation that would reduce the risk of another pandemic by directing the Administration to work around the world to stop the commercial trade in live wild birds and mammals for human consumption and supporting programs that prevent the spillover of diseases of zoonotic origin similar to the virus that causes COVID-19 from wildlife to humans, protecting Americans in the future and ensuring that the U.S. military can be best prepared for any future spillover event.

Please contact your members of Congress today to thank the House for passing the National Defense Authorization Act, which included these important provisions, and urging Senators to include similar language in the Senate bill. If you fill in your personal details below we’ll send the following message.

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