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Help save pangolins and diverse species in WCS programs around the world.

Pangolins, the world's only known scaled mammal, don't receive the same attention as tigers and elephants. But they may be the most heavily trafficked species on the planet due to growing illegal demand for their scales, skin and meat. While the meat is considered a great delicacy, the scales are believed by some traditional medicine practitioners to heal diseases such as cancer and asthma.

The demand for pangolin products in Asian communities is so high that staggering numbers of pangolins are taken from the wild each year.

The Wildlife Conservation Society helps law enforcement officials arrest and prosecute illegal traders who ship thousands of pangolins. And right now, WCS conservationists are working on the ground, across four continents and five oceans, to save some of Earth's most spectacular and imperiled wildlife.

We need your help to continue our important work to save wild animals and wild places.

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Minimum payment $10.00.
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