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Invest in a Future for Elephants

Elephants are facing a crisis. WCS-led research showed that between 2002 and 2013, the Central African forest elephant population dropped 65% and its habitat range shrank by 30%. And some populations of savannah elephants have suffered similar major losses. In many places in Africa, little stands between elephants and sophisticated criminal networks that will stop at nothing for their valuable ivory tusks.

But we know that in order to save elephants we need to: Stop the killing. Stop the trafficking. And stop the demand. And we know it works – in protected areas where trained ecoguards are on the ground, forest elephant densities are seven times higher than places where no guards are present.

Do you know what poachers don't have? You. We're ramping up programs across Africa right now, but simply can't do it without your support.

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Minimum payment $5.00.
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